OKF Germany Website Relaunch

The Open Knowledge Foundation Germany (OKF) is the German chapter of an international non-profit network that promotes the idea of open knowledge, open data and transparency to the public. To support this mission employees of the OKF and a network of volunteers organize hackathons, build communities like Code for Germany and develop their own web applications like FragDenStaat.de.

While visiting the OK Lab Berlin for the very first time, I got the chance to support the German chapter in relaunching their website.


The old website was packed with outdated text that had been compiled over the years while the navigation lacked intuitive user guidance.

Old Open Knowledge Foundation Germany website

Our team aimed to communicate OKF's mission and non-profit status more precisely by giving clearer insights in topics and projects. In this context I co-created the new information architecture and gave support to web designer Nadine Stammen.


First of all, we conducted a detailed analysis of existing content. We restructured, condensed and deleted a majority of the website’s components. We developed a new, lean sitemap with only two levels.

After defining a design direction and a general navigation concept, developers at OKF set up Jekyll as the CMS. The team then finalized content, design and frontend hand in hand.


In comparison to the old website the new one is much more in line with the KISS-paradigm: keep it short and simple. The new main navigation leads users directly to core content like topics, projects and blog postings.

The design is based on a monochrome color palette in order to give the website a minimalistic and serious, yet vivid look.

New web design for Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
New project detail page web design for Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
Year: 2015
Client: Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
Tasks: information architecture, design consultation

Nadine Stammen, Stefan Wehrmeyer, Andrej Sandorf

Website: okfn.de

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