In 2008, economics professor Martin Weber developed a tracker fund called ARERO based on his scientific research in the area of behavioral finance and asset allocation. His idea was to offer private investors a product that is simple, diversified and passively managed.

Obviously, he had the right strategy: ARERO manages assets worth about 500 million Euros today and is getting more and more attention among investors.

In 2015, I managed the relaunch of in order to give the website a general overhaul after several years without modifications.

Image of the website


Before we started the project, we realized that the client wasn't able to give us a clear picture about target groups and their needs. So we kicked off with a short but efficient conception period during which we created conditions for a user centered design process.

Beside my role as a project manager, I developed the website's new information architecture.


First we created a condensed version of proto-personas. In order to accomplish that, we developed a questionnaire and a persona template based on research about financial markets and products.

Next we identified central user types and their mindsets in remote collaboration with the client. In the end we came up with four user archetypes: inexperienced private investors, enlightened private investors, institutional investors and financial advisors.

With this in mind, we conducted a content audit in order to check the current website's content and other marketing resources for accuracy and consistency.

This resulted in discovering three keywords to describe ARERO as a product and provided the basis for a new content strategy:

Image of an exemplary persona

Now, the new website allows inexperienced users to easily follow its structure, starting with basic information in order to get a comprehensive overview. By contrast, experienced users will navigate directly to detailed information within the section “scientific”.

Furthermore we came up with target-group-specific content pages, that sum up facts and figures and provide related links.

After a general information architecture was developed, it was up to the client to create new content. We supplied different spreadsheet-templates that contained leading questions and objectives for each content section. Our interface designer and web developer were then able to use real content when thinking about visual and technical solutions.


We created a flexible content management system based on TYPO3 and implemented a modular set of content and container elements. With the built-in framework Highcharts editors can easily publish infographics.

Mobile version

Furthermore the CMS can be used to manage newsletters. All in all, the team at ARERO now has a future-proof system for communicating with their target groups.

Year: 2015
Client: Professor Weber GmbH (done at 3pc)
Tasks: project lead, persona creation, information architecture

Ulf Hücker, David Muigg-Spörr, Karim Apollinaire, Thomas Neumann, Jasmina Ließmann


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